About Us

Welcome to FREEDOM CLUB International’s exciting opportunity.

Today technology is changing the world around us so fast that sometimes we feel that we may be getting left behind.

 Freedomclub is an organization that will provide its members with the best home phone system, the best in new gadget offerrings and eventually, you’ll be granted exclusive access to a members only section that presents the best SUCCESS, WEALTH, MOTIVATIONAL, PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT and HEALTH and WELLNESS information. These “Life Management” tools will provide free content to its members.

Here are our latest Offerrings

This is where we be offerring our incredible collection of Gadgets and Products!

Our Philosophy

To help you save on your Home phone service.

The Plan

If you are presently with one of the BIG GUYS or with the company who says they Take on the big guys, then we can beat them

You figure it out!

The proof is in the calculation! Here will be a link to our calculator so you can figure how mauch you can save.